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Flying Aces is a miniature golf x paper airplane throwing mashup. Soar through the skies and take in the beautiful scenery that is office life. Guide your trusty paper airplane to the goal-post in the least amount of throws possible. It's nothing but smooth sailing in this office!


Flying Aces - Windows.zip 67 MB


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Hi everyone! I just wanted to let you all know that this game was some good fun! Some feedback from when I played it: First, the horn that goes off after the level went off was pretty loud and sudden. Game play wise, it felt really good to fly around as a plane until you started to lose speed. The loss of speed felt pretty sudden as you seem to be gliding along and then you just start falling. I think polishing that would help a lot with the game play. Maybe adding a small speedometer might help a little with this. Might be a cool add to noise dive to gain some more speed as well. Over all it was some great fun and reminded me of flash games from my childhood.  

Thank you so much! We always appreciate thoughtful and informative feedback like what you've given!  We're still deep into the development process and are uploading new builds constantly so feel to follow for notifications on new build uploads. Again appreciate the feedback so much! Thank you!!! <3333

Also if you haven't already we'd really appreciate it if you filled out the playtest form!